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Life Sciences

Life Sciences

The life sciences industry is characterized by innovation, significant public and private investment, highly skilled talent, and excellent wages. For these reasons, building or expanding the life sciences is a top priority for advanced nations. This industry’s strong growth will almost certainly continue in an effort to meet the ever-expanding demand for health care goods and services.

The life sciences industry uses modern biological techniques and supporting technologies with a goal to improve human and animal health, address threats to the environment, improve crop production, contain emerging and existing diseases, and improve currently used manufacturing technology. These industries also utilize a specialized workforce, manufacturing procedures, and facilities, and often require targeted funding.

SoftSol had an opportunity to develop a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) product that manages laboratory processes and tracks specimen data for a leading biotechnology company. The application plays a critical role in drug discovery in compliance with government regulations and supports nearly 500 investigators, pathologists, lab supervisors, and lab technicians. Its complex business logic handles requests for analyzing DNA gene expression, among other critical business processes. Additionally, an intricate GUI of this application facilitates real-time data entry and analysis in the laboratory setting.

Life sciences customers include:

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