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SoftSol Innovation Lab

The Innovation Lab at SoftSol is the place where SoftSolites get an opportunity to be creative and think out of the box to innovate new technology solutions for challenging modern day problems.  We develop new tools and techniques to enhance and automate IT processes to provide better business outcomes for our clients as well as for our own company.  Our efforts to explore and develop innovative IT solutions are driven by the direction of our top-notch technology advisors, valuable feedback from clients, trends in the IT industry, and the bright minds of our employees.


Some of the solutions that were developed in our Innovation Labs include:

  •  Modernization -Automated Conversion Tools for:
    • PowerBuilder-to-Java migration
      Converts 2-tier PB client server application to web-based n-tier Java/j2ee application using JSF or Struts framework.
    • PowerBuilder-To-.Net migration
      Converts 2-tier PB client server application to web-based n-tier ASP/.Net application.
    • Forte-To-Java migration
      Converts Forte application to n-tier Java/J2ee web-based application using swing and EJB technologies.
    • Forte-To-.Net migration
      Converts Forte application to n-tier ASP/.Net application using WPF.
    • Oracle Forms -To-Java ADF migration
      Converts Oracle Forms client-server application to n-tier Java/J2ee web-based application using Java-ADF technology.
  •  Case Management Solutions
    •  Traffic case management system
    •  Court case management
    •  New development platform
  •  Data Migration and Data Cleansing Solutions
    •  Data correction and cleansing methodology includes data profiling, data rules extraction, setting up a data correction workflow process, data validation, and data quality assurance and governance.
  •  Software Testing Efficiency
    •  Developed BUGFAST tool, attaining new frontier in test automation with task automation. BUGFAST's automation approach includes modularization, library structure, keyword driven, and descriptive programming.
    •  A brand new approach to ‘On Demand Testing Services’ – a utility model that will provide testing in cloud complete with test environment (provision and de-provision on the fly) and enhancing efficiency with integrated testing (test design + toolkit + test execution + test metrics). New tools developed include:
      SoftSol Test Data Generator (STDGen™)
      SoftSol Unified Interface Framework (SUIF™)
  •  SOA-based Applications and EAI Solutions
    •  Provides agility and reduces the time-to-market for building SOA-based applications and best practices for EAI solutions by creating flexible business processes, offering a practical and cost-effective means of integration across the enterprise.
  •  Cloud Computing Solutions
    •  Framework for rapid development of cloud applications. Automating business process using platform.
    •  IntelliCourt Traffic Case management system deployed on the Cloud with deployment options.
  •  Future Solutions from the Innovation Lab

Our delivery teams also leverages the support of the Innovation Labs to resolve technical challenges on live projects. This significantly helps in removing the bottlenecks, resulting in projects being delivered on time and within budget. This R&D approach from the technical team keeps the management abreast of new technology trends in the industry and also provides other departments with valuable advice for better business decisions.

  •  Future Solutions from the Innovation Lab
    •  Mobile applications for emotional intelligence and augmented reality – future enterprise
    •  Technology framework for Big Data implementation and Big Data advanced analytics; we will create competitive differentiation and/or discover new business characteristics (customer, revenue, profit)

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