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Enterprise Mobility Solutions

Always On the Move

Enterprise mobility solutions are a requirement for organizations in every sector of the economy to meet the expectations of customers and employees in the always on, always connected world.

While many organizations have strategies around mobility, they face the challenge of realizing the value of their Enterprise mobility solutions.

SoftSol is well positioned to help organizations overcome this challenge. A powerful, multi-function mobile solution for the enterprise that needs of employees across the organization.

Our approach to Enterprise mobility services is simple: avoid the temptation to create a solution for the sake of going mobile. Mobile for everything is not a great idea. Instead, we delve deep into the experience, expectations, and needs of users to provide a quality experience from mobile solutions. In essence, we provide long-term Mobility Solutions based on enterprise business goals.

The smartphones, tablets, and other advanced mobile devices available today have a plethora of features to be utilized for users to realize maximum value from an enterprise mobile application.

Enterprise Mobility Offerings:

  • Providing a strategy and roadmap to create an enterprise mobile application tailored to organizational needs. We provide strategic advice as to how mobile solutions will augment the experience at different customer touch points. As part of the strategy, we work with organizations to define and identify requirements for Enterprise Mobility Solutions and define the value proposition for the organization. This may include the need for an app store, identifing a mobile Application Lifecycle Management platform, or devising the right development strategies using a Mobile Enterprise Application Platform.
  • Delivering core architecture support and strategy that is focused on integrating mobile features with Big Data and the cloud.
  • Key strategic design and usability considerations include:
    Developing native apps vs. web apps; selecting a mobile device management solution; defining the level of support for disconnected scenarios; and establishing requirements related to the performance, scalability, security, and quality of experience of an enterprise mobile application.
  • Key development considerations include:
    Selecting the web protocols that an enterprise mobile application will use; and whether to provide users with the ability to wipe their enterprise data remotely.
  • Establishing an enterprise mobile application store that is aligned with line of business requirements, helps organizations take care of their business processes and improves efficiency with a strong feedback loop.
  • Developing simplified business process applications and user interfaces for different mobile form factors. We can create an enterprise mobile application using various programming languages including: Objective C, JavaScript, HTML5, and JQuery Mobile.
  • Building Proof- Of- Concepts to explain how technologies such as augmented reality, near field communication, and context-awareness can help your business explore new insights and provide a great customer experience.

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