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Big Data Consulting Services

Due to the prevalence of a variety of electronic devices and software technologies, a staggering amount of data is created every day – so much so that 90% of the world's data has been created in the last couple of years alone. Most of this data is unstructured or semi-structured, which makes it very difficult to process, analyze, and visualize. This is generally referred to as “Big Data”, which comes in high volume, velocity, and variety.

Big Data is changing the game in a lot of industries, and those who have the ability to process and analyze it can perform more efficiently than those who don't. Analysis of this critical data can support businesses in accurate forecasting, informed decision-making, and enhanced customer experience.

SoftSol helps its clients analyze their business-critical data and make wise decisions for better business outcomes by providing client-specific custom Big Data Services. We use the following approach to overcome business challenges faced by our customers, using Big Data:

  •  Discover – Joint strategy discussions with client’s leadership team to understand their business-specific Big Data challenges and recommend possible approaches.
  •  Design – Technical reviews to recommend suitable solutions based on particular Big Data technology by developing proof-of-concepts. We leverage our tools and frameworks to provide tailor-made solutions.
  •  Deliver – Work collaboratively with client to implement (architect, design, develop, QA, and deploy) the recommended Big Data Solutions.

SoftSol specializes in various Big Data technologies like Hadoop, HBase, Hive, Map Reduce, Pig, No-SQL, CouchBase, and more to implement strategic Big Data Solutions.

SoftSol provides Big Data Consulting Services based on the IBM InfoSphere BigInsights & Streams platform for enterprise-specific real-time data analytics, data management, and reporting. With experience working across industries (Public Sector, Media, Hi-Tech, Life Science, and BFSI), our Big Data Solutions are based on:

  •  Deep knowledge of Big Data technologies and the BigInsights product;
  •  Established ‘Innovation Lab’ for rapid prototyping and POC; and
  •  Cost-efficient solutions with a large group of highly skilled team members both onsite and offshore.

SoftSol's Big Data Services can help your organization cost effectively store and process data coming from various sources like log files, video streams, images, audio, and social networks. Our methodical approach will allow you to glean insights from this seemingly endless and incomprehensible barrage of data. Stay ahead of the curve--contact us about Big Data Consulting Services today.

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