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SoftSol Unified Interface Framework (SUIF™)

SUIF™ is an agnostic framework tool that helps SME’s to write manual test cases (in keyword-driven format) and also to execute test cases on multiple test execution tools , reducing dependency on testers and tools. This custom framework has extensive reporting features (reporting format of user‘s choice) , and supports both opensource and commercial tools for custom apps and packaged applications.

Features of SoftSol Unified Interface Framework:

  •  Tool agnostic
  •  Single test case for manual and automation testing
  •  Automation ready once test case design is completed
  •  Seamless integration with test design and test data tools
  •  Test case decomposition
  •  Auto documentation
  •  Custom reports –Excel/ Notepad /HTML
  •  Error screen capture
  •  Email alerts
  •  Quality Center integrated

Key Benefits of SoftSol Unified Interface Framework:

  •  Tool driven - minimal user intervention
  •  Test teams can create test data
  •  Reduced cycle time - early product delivery & faster time to market


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