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SoftSol Test Data Generator (STDGen™)

SoftSol Test Data Generator (STDGen™) is a custom solution which we have specifically designed to generate test data for both manual and test automation. We understand that test data might become redundant after a regression and it is required to generate both variety and volume of test data.  Essentially we automated the basic task of a typical test engineer who needs to generate volumes of data for every regression cycle.

Significant features of SoftSol Test Data Generator (STDGen™) include:

  •  Generates both variety (20 different data types) and volume (up to 1 million records) of test data
  •  Optimizes volumes of test data that a typical test engineer uses to see how boundaries of multiple fields interact to handful numbers
  •  Generates volumes of updated spreadsheets for test automation (with the changes and dependencies undertaken) on the fly by reducing your test data updating time for every regression by close to 80%

 SoftSol Test Data Generator

Test Data Types:

Test Data Types

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