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Software Test Automation

In their approach to testing, organizations are often challenged with underutilization of tools, lack of no ROI, unclear ideas on what to automate/not automate, insufficient test coverage, and inefficient framework design (tightly coupled with technology/version). Typical reasons include unclear test automation approaches and no clear software test automation framework. Test automation is more than a solution, it is an art.

SoftSol follows a methodical software test automation framework to deliver test automation services.

Feasibility Analysis: The necessary first step towards understanding the nature of an application. We do a detailed feasibility study of the application (legacy apps, custom apps, packaged apps), integration with third party systems, fronted technology (Web -Java, Dot Net, PHP, C#; Desktop/Shrink Wrapped Applications), backend database (Oracle, MySQL, MSSQL, etc.), application architecture and its layers (2-Tire,3-Tire), industry (BFSI, Health Care, Media, HiTech etc), and multiple browser accessibility (Flash and Active X controls).

Tool Selection: Once feasibility analysis is complete, we do a detailed profiling of test automation tools to select the right candidate for automation (commercial and open source). We also evaluate existing quality tools (test management, test execution, bug tracking, and metric tracking), estimate actual utilization, and propose solutions depending on the client’s needs.

ROI Calculation: A true measure of ROI is not quite possible unless there is a standardized process to continuously measure both quantitative and qualitative aspects of software test automation services. As part of the test engagement process we follow a four step process of standardizing, optimizing, measuring, and expanding.

Seamless integration among all stages of software test automation is the key differentiator and success factor behind highly optimized and streamlined testing automation service offerings at SoftSol. Test Design, the process of applying right design techniques in the right area in STLC, is the other key differentiator. We leverage test designs in multiple areas:

  • Optimizing test environments
  • Ensuring optimal requirements and test coverage (empirical-based decision-making)
  • Dependency mapping, system complexity mapping, and change impact matrix
  • Decision tables, state-based techniques, ECP, BVA, BVA++, and Fault Fuzzing

Test Data plays a very important role in test automation while it might become redundant after every regression cycle. We clearly understand the importance and nature of test data that needs to be generated. Our STDGen (SoftSol Test Data Generator) generates volumes (millions) of production-like test data on the fly. It supports 30 different data types, contact names, email addresses, and physical addresses.

Framework: Once the candidate tool selection is finalized, we start designing/extending our proprietary framework (Modular, Functional Decomposed, Keyword Driven, Data-Driven and Tool Agnostic Framework) according to the type of application and client’s preference.

Scripting on the Fly: SoftSol’s proprietary Click Test Integrated Framework enhances speed, coverage, and maintainability of test automation. By fully leveraging componentization and reusability, the framework adds a level of efficiency that leading tools cannot provide out of box.

Reporting: Reporting to bug tracking tools, test management systems, and custom reporting format.

Quality Metrics: Measuring cost of quality is the take away for any QA engagement. Our process standardization, optimization, and measurement techniques allow us to correctly measure both quantitative and qualitative aspects. We track and measure many metrics which help key stakeholders make the right decisions at the right time with regard to release readiness, quality compliance, release readiness, and go/no-go decisions.

Seamless integration among all stages of software test automation is the key differentiator and success factor behind highly optimized and streamlined testing automation service offerings at SoftSol.

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