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Web testing services

Web Services Testing and Tools

Web Services, which do not have typical user interfaces and cannot be readily tested with traditional automated web testing tools, often pose multiple challenges such as:

  • Infinite service consumption
  • A variety of customers (internal, external, legacy systems, future systems).
  • A single scenario may call multiple other services
  • Complexity

Our approach in Web Services Testing includes:

  • Component level testing – Unit level data exchange testing
  • Integration and dependency testing – Tests covering scenarios calling multiple services, end-to-end testing
  • Testing multiple SOA protocols
  • Designing tests specifically to test business logic
  • Our web testing tools challenge web services in aspects such as:
    • Combinatorial tests optimal coverage
    • Performance tests (volume, stress, endurance, scalability)
    • Interoperability for heterogeneous systems
    • Backward compatibility for legacy systems
    • Internalizations tests for multi-language systems

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