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Specialized Testing

Specialized Testing

Business applications by nature (custom apps, packaged apps - ERP-CRM, mobile applications, and web services) need different approaches to test for quality. There is a huge difference in processes for each of these applications such as:

  • Integration of third party and legacy systems
  • Acquiring business knowledge and functional flow implementation process.
  • Test data management (generation, masking, migration, and maintenance)
  • Customer reach (in-house and global)
  • Type of other business systems it speaks with (B2B communications)
  • The very nature by which services are exposed (web services)
  • Variety of development and hence testing models (waterfall, iterative, v-model, agile, etc.)
  • Changing test cycles, changing priorities, and changing timelines

SoftSol has launched a dedicated Test Center of Excellence for each type of application which includes the following features:

  • Automation Center of Excellence
  • Automated testing services
  • Exclusive test labs
  • Best practices
  • Industry experts
  • Expertise on industry-leading commercial and open source tools
  • Custom solutions and framework
  • Reusable assets, including automation tools
  • Prebuilt accelerators (ERP and CRM systems)
  • Defined and specifically tailored QA processes

Specialized Testing Services

Our innovations in test engineering deliver better solutions and thereby reduce overall cost to quality. At the SoftSol Test Center of Excellence we constantly challenge ourselves to develop new solutions for test engineering. Solutions from our core innovations team include:

  • Test Data Tool Kit
  • Test Design Tool Kit
  • Test Execution Frameworks
  • Test Oracles
  • Test Management Tool Kit
  • Packaged Applications Tool Kit, including automation tools.
  • Feasibility and Estimations

Specialized Testing Services

Contact Us today to learn more about our Test Center of Excellence and automated testing services.

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