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Software Testing Services

Software Testing Services

IT development shops are continuously evolving and adopting new technology and platforms such as mobile, Big Data, cloud, modernization, and social media. This creates a need for implementing an accelerated quality process which is diversified, flexible, and can deliver rapid, low-cost solutions without compromising quality.

New solutions need new ways to get things done, and traditional QA processes are not always the best answer because:

  • Frequent testing is required as applications are dynamic
  • Changing test priorities eat up your time and resources
  • Needs are changing for expert services and resource availability for shorter cycles
  • Limited career testers and lack of TCoE practices
  • No industry best practices are being followed/adopted/implemented
  • Very short testing cycles
  • QA and IT licenses and maintenance overheads
  • Budget pressure to convert from capital expenditure to operational expenditure

SoftSol’s Software Testing Solution:

SoftSol offers the entire gamut of Software Testing Services and a variety of engagement models according to the varying needs of our clients. Our highly streamlined, optimized, flexible, and scalable (on-demand) Software Testing Services deliver high quality and timely results with our proven experience for clients in a variety of industries. Our delivery excellence is a combination of consulting, outsourcing, specialized testing services, Performance Testing services, Test Center of Excellence, adoption of industry standards, and best practices in test engineering. Our solutions include:

  • Defined processes and measurable metrics (quantitative and qualitative)
  • Flexible and scalable environments on demand
  • Shared pool of expert services throughout your on demand test cycle
  • In-house TCoE, adopting best practices
  • Large pool of career testers, scalable to support your testing spikes
  • On demand tools (QA environments, preconfigured tools of choice)
  • Multiple engagement models and migration from CapEx models to OpEx models

Contact Us today to discuss our robust Software Testing Solution.

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