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Forte Migration

Why Migrate?

Sun Microsystems started phasing out Forte/UDS in September 2006 and has announced the complete end-of-support by April 2009. For companies seeking to minimize risk, this created a strong impetus either to retire or migrate critical application written in Forte/UDS.

The following are several reasons industry leaders have decided on Forte migration to either .Net or Java/J2EE:

  •  Phase-out of the Forte/UDS platform
  •  Increased licensing and support cost
  •  Lack of new features
  •  Limited support for new technologies
  •  Incompatibility with newer versions of OS or DBMS
  •  Inability to market products written in outdated platform
  •  Difficulty to staff project due to lack of resources
  •  Ability to converge to a enterprise standard platform
  •  Wide variety of choice for products in Java and .NET
  •  Ability to leverage open source software

Why SoftSol?

SoftSol is successfully assisting Forte/UDS customers in their migration and implementation cycles. SoftSol’s project-proven, innovative processes and methodologies help in understanding and implementing the customer’s requirements in a short time span at an affordable price.

SoftSol's Forte/UDS migration service offers under the following three categories:

  •  Source code migration using in-house conversion tools.
  •  GUI design mgration from Forte/UDS to Java and .NET
  •  Architecture migration using compatible architecture patterns and design patterns suitable for J2EE/.NET environments.

Please contact us if you are trying to learn about migrating your Forte/UDS applications. SoftSol’s experts can assist you in identifying the correct strategy; develop migration methodology and consulting to help you plan your application transformation safely, effectively, and efficiently.

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