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Oracle Forms

Oracle Forms

Many organizations around the world have been using Oracle Forms-based applications as part of their business information infrastructure for years.

One of the most popular software tools in the world, Forms offered high end technology that enabled organizations to build customized business applications without the need for complex coding. Companies have relied on their forms-based applications for so long, they have become critical to meeting business objectives

As business requirements change over the years and new challenges arise, Oracle has consistently kept up with these needs by providing upgraded versions of Forms. New technology advances provide access to better functionality, greater convenience, and increased cost savings. Since its introduction, Forms technology has evolved from desktop block/character mode to client-server to the web.

So why migrate to a newer version of Forms?

  • An Oracle Forms upgrade eliminates the risk of de-support and obsolescence
  • Enhance business process integration and functionality
  • Keep up with Oracle’s future direction
  • Achieve cost savings


Depending on your specific situation, there is the potential for significant cost savings with an Oracle Forms upgrade. Cost savings can result from:

Avoiding the cost of extended support

With an Oracle Forms upgrade there is no need to pay additional fees for extended support on top of the regular maintenance costs.

Reduced cost of new version license

Based on the type of deployment and system configuration there is the potential to realize savings in licensing and maintenance costs through an Oracle Forms migration.

Reduced deployment costs

In some cases, an Oracle Forms upgrade can result in reduced deployment costs.

Leverage existing investment in Oracle technology

By upgrading legacy Forms applications, organizations can extend the life of these applications without risk. Oracle Forms migration enables organizations to better utilize their existing Oracle infrastructure and minimize the need for new investments in hardware and software.

Better utilization of saved funds

Through Oracle Forms migration, organizations can extend the life of Forms applications without risk.


Not sure where the Forms technology is going

Oracle Forms has a very large user base around the world. Many mission critical business applications are running on Oracle Forms. Even Oracle EBusiness suite is based on Oracle Forms. Recognizing this fact, Oracle has developed a clear roadmap for Oracle Forms and has not declared any intention to discontinue the product. In fact, Forms is now part of the Oracle go-forward FUSION strategy.

Upgrading means user retraining

Not True. Through an Oracle Forms upgrade, users will see little difference in the basic functionality and business logic of Forms applications. Even the look and feel of applications can be maintained. As such, retraining will not be necessary and users will be able to adjust to the upgraded applications quickly and easily. After an Oracle Forms migration the application can be deployed on client-server, character, web and wireless platforms.

Upgrading can be risky as there is a chance of losing well proven business logic in those applications

Not True. An Oracle Forms upgrade can be accomplished with little risk to the existing business logic in the applications. Our Oracle Forms migration tool make this process simple and painless.

Upgrading and deploying applications can be expensive

Not True. While upgrading and deploying an application manually can be expensive and time intensive effort. The use of our Oracle Forms migration tools can result in cost savings of up to 60 percent and significantly reduce the time required to upgrade and deploy an application.

Tools for Oracle Forms Conversion

While upgrading legacy Forms applications to the newest version of Oracle Forms is the easiest and least expensive option, there are other options available. Forms applications can be converted to the Oracle Java/ADF platform or to a generic J2EE platform (i.e., IBM Websphere etc.) or to the Microsoft .Net platform.

SoftSol provides industry leading tools that provide organizations with the ability to reliably and cost effectivly upgrade their applications to the latest version of Oracle Forms as well as the capability of converting their Oracle Forms applications to the .NET or Java.

Please Contact Us for further information on our Oracle Forms Conversion and migration services and tools.

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