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Changing business needs and customer demands make it imperative for enterprises to leverage new technologies to ensure sustainability and maintain a healthy bottom line. While legacy systems may be robust and reliable, in many cases there are not compatible with new applications and hardware, inhibiting integrations necessary to improve operational efficiency. This makes legacy system migration imperative.

Modernizing aging legacy applications enables companies to reduce maintenance costs and leverage the flexibility and robust functionality of newer technologies. SoftSol’s approach to application modernization also involves a data migration process that is much more than simple 'conversion'. By combining highly effective tools, people, and processes, SoftSol manages the full end-to-end process—delivering production-ready applications and high quality data to meet your business requirements.

SoftSol offers expert modernization services for the following:

PowerBuilder Migration
Mainframe Modernization
Oracle Forms

Legacy applications are highly customized and perform critical functions that offer specific benefits for businesses. However, they have several drawbacks that make application modernization essential for large and small businesses across the globe. The specific challenges of legacy systems include the following:

  • Legacy Systems are Incompatible with Current and Future Technologies - Businesses using legacy platforms might be at a risk of running mission-critical applications on unsupported software and hardware
  • Legacy Systems are Expensive to Maintain, Enhance and Expand - Businesses have already invested huge sums of money on developing these platforms, and need to spend even more on maintenance and up-gradation if they continue to use them
  • Legacy Systems are Difficult to Integrate with Newer Technologies - Legacy systems are inflexible, and due to closed architectures, hinder web-enablement and integration with modern platforms
  • Legacy Systems Require People with Hard-to-Find Skill Sets – With Baby Boomers retiring in unprecedented numbers, the pool of people with the skills and expertise to support legacy platforms is declining every day
  • Legacy Systems Result in Diminished Productivity and an Unsatisfactory User Experience - Developed based on stringent and inflexible business processes, legacy systems prevent enterprises from adapting to changing market conditions, improving service levels, and meeting the expectations of end-users

SoftSol’s legacy system migration solutions result in systems that:

  • Are robust and future-proof, so business can scale as required without worrying about system incompatibility or failures
  • Retain existing business functionality and add new capabilities to help companies meet changing business demands
  • Make integrating newer apps and technologies easier, improving performance
  • Improve productivity by using better technologies that streamline business processes
  • Lower cost of ownership by reducing maintenance costs
  • Offer high return on investment by increasing revenues through increased productivity

Data Migration is crucial for business continuity as it helps create better user interfaces and add functionality essential for surviving in a competitive marketplace.  Softsol’s experience in re-architecting legacy applications helps enterprise improve workflow and ensure greater business flexibility. Our application modernization services ensure a smooth transition from traditional systems by retaining all critical business rules.

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